Sidereal Natal Chart Consultation

Humans have been looking up at the stars since the beginning of time pondering our source and direction.

This is why I practice sidereal astrology – because it’s based on the actual locations of the stars.

Recent science has proven that, chemically, we are children of the universe.

Under their glorious dance of light, we are inspired.

With observation and attention, we can tune into their unique frequencies of energy as we watch them travel through space.

And we find parts of ourselves reflected in their journey.

They light up the sky and shine light on our own path to wholeness.

Your natal chart is your cosmic fingerprint – a pattern of energy present at your birth and throughout your life.

There won’t be another person on Earth with your exact natal chart for 26,000 years.

Diving into the natal chart is an opportunity to explore your relationship to this cosmic energy that is the birthright of every human being.

I do not believe the stars control nor influence us but are meant to be understood as signs or correspondences of what is occurring within us.

By looking to the stars, we are given an inspiring and practical language to describe what can feel intangible and ethereal – the relationship between ourselves and others and how those relationships play out in our lives.

A natal chart consultation is a process of self-inquiry and sheds light on personal, interpersonal, health and career questions:

Why don’t my relationships work out?

Why does my creativity feel blocked?

What can I do to feel healthier and happier?

Natal chart consultations are intuitive and offer practical advice for integration.

Each natal chart consultation is 75 minutes and is conducted virtually. They can also be recorded for you to review at anytime.

I recommend booking a series of consultations for clients looking for in-depth future planning and relationship exploration.

Transit/Electional/Projection and Synastry Consultations are available after your initial Natal Chart Consultation.

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