Bijamantras & the Zodiac

Mantras are a phonetic expression of the divine and more than average words or sounds – they are cosmically charged with sacred and specific energy, which could also be described as devas or deities. 

By practicing a mantra, you are invoking that energy or deity into your experience and this can be seen in the meaning of the word itself. 

Mantras in Sanskrit is derived from two words ‘manas’ (linear mind) and ‘tras’ (crossing over). 

Let us consider the literal mechanism of chanting mantras as a primer to explain the meaning of the translation: 

Each specific mantra arrangement stimulates some of the 84 meridians on the roof of the tongue in a particular way. The vibration then stimulates the pituitary and pineal gland. These glands are responsible for a host of processes in the human body and are integral in regulating optimal hormonal health. 

Science has proven that different practicing mantras do in fact stimulate secretions that regular immune and neurological response. 

Mantras obviously affect us on a very physical level. We can look at the body as an instrument to reach levels of awareness. 

We use mantras to ‘cross over’ (tras) the bridge between what most perceive as separate realities, the physical and the spiritual. To escape the linear, left brained, editing mind (manas). To essentially, balance energy.


The most basic mantras are bija mantras. They are based in the Tantric tradition and literally mean ’seed’ sound. They are the very root of mantric science. They contain up to 10 syllabus.

Bijamantras are linked to the 12 zodiacal signs, as well as the chakras and different parts of the body. 

Bijamantras can be used to transmute the our unique astrological thumbprint as well as current impinging forces.

For guidance of which mantras to use and when, we can look to our natal astrology chart and current transits.

In my own practice, I follow the lunar cycle and do specific mantras depending on which sign the moon is currently in. 

Lately, I have been chanting them in front of a dedicated altar each morning. I visualize my body as an instrument and notice how the vibrations of the mantra sinks me more deeply into the experience and where my awareness takes me.

You can read more about my practice of following the moon here.

It is advised to practice mantras 108 times and the counting can be made easier with prayer beads. 

The power of mantras does not lie in pronouncing the sounds ‘correctly’. Intention is the key to unlocking the wisdom of each mantras. I personally don’t worry about the ’traditional’ pronunciation of the mantras because I find it’s organically revealed to me through practice. However, some people feel mantras are more accessible knowing this in advance. There are videos online demonstrating pronunciaitons. I’ll update this page later with a how to.

Bijamantras & Zodiacal Correspondence

Aries (Mesa)

Om Aim Klim Saum

Taurus (Vrshabha)

Om Hrim Klim Srim 

Gemini (Mithuna)

Om Srim Aim Sau

Cancer (Karka)

Om Aim Klim Srim

Leo (Simha)

Om Hrim Srim Sau

Virgo (Kanya)

Om Srim Aim Sau

Libra (Tula)

Om Hrim Klim Srim 

Scorpio (Vrscika)

Om Aim Klim Sau

Sagittarius (Dhanu)

Om Hrim Klim Sau

Capricorn (Makara)

Om Aim Klim Hrim Srim Sau

Aquarius (Kumbha)

Om Hrim Aim Klim Srim

Pisces (Minna)

Om Hrim Klim Sau


Cave of Whispers by John Beaulieu 

Rituals, Mantras and Science: An Integral Perspective by Jayant Burde